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        Hi. I'm Crystal  (Owner of Pure Images)       

I studied photography in college and graduated with a degree in Photographic arts. I started Pure Images in the end of 2009 in hopes of offering unique, beautiful, timeless photography at an affordable price. Since then I have shot over a thousand weddings and continue to stand by what I believe in..... 

no one should start a marriage in debt from their wedding and they shouldn't be comprising quality either! I love shooting weddings and I couldn't image myself doing anything else. 



- I am a food junkie. Pizza is my favorite, as long as it's pepperoni. 


- Listening to music is 100% better, than watching tv.


- I have been to 9 countries. I want to visit as many as I can.


- Diet coke and sour candy are my weaknesses. 


- I have 2 children and 3 stepchildren. The youngest is 7, the oldest is 21. 


- I will backpack through Europe one day. 


- My job is amazing. I create memories for clients that will last them lifetimes.


​- I have been published work through a variety of publications including the San Diego North County Times Newspaper and Website, a National Commercial Walmart Campaign airing during Veteran's Day, The Inland Empire Family Magazine, and I Shoot Faces Online Publication. I have also taught classes and written articles on photography and editing. 

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